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Derek Newcastle bids adieu to popoff.wordpress.com and looks forward to a brilliant future at popoff.pickspal.com.

April 11, 2007. Uncategorized. 5 comments.

Britney and Howie Collide in Rehab


Promises, promises: Britney Spears changes boyfriends about as often as hair-dos and dont’s. Apparently she is dating Howie Day after meeting the musician in rehab. Note to Howie: Make sure she wears her panties when you two go out and steer clear of Paris Hilton if you can.

Can you imagine group at Promises with a who’s who of celebs?

I hope Howie likes the Lakers otherwise he could be on his way out already.

Britney is reportedly taking Howie to her cousin’s wedding on June 2. Might be one hot karaoke night.

April 5, 2007. Britney Spears, Trainwreck. 3 comments.

Project Runway Trainwreck!


TMZ is reporting that the new season of Project Runway is headed toward trouble.  Oh, where is Super Designer Tim Gunn when you really need him?

Sources tell TMZ that auditions held this weekend at the downtown Standard Hotel had a record low turnout. We’re told that since lines were not very long, production staff members were “scrambling” to contact more up-and-coming designers to show up. In the words of the incomparable Tim Gunn, “Make it work!” Perhaps the fear of being ‘auf’ed’ by Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia, who was a judge during this weekend’s session, kept all the wannabe Donatellas and Gallianos away!

Despite the fashion hiccup in Los Angeles, the new season of the fashion forward reality show is scheduled to premiere this summer on Bravo.

Source: TMZ

April 4, 2007. Project Runway. 1 comment.

Fried Sanjaya and Biscuits, Please!


Is Sanjaya Malakar finger lickin’ good?

Kentucky Fried Chicken has offered the American Idol wannabe a free lifetime supply of their Famous Bowls if the 17-year-old crooner sports a bowl hairdo in one of his next televised performances.

Here’s the letter:

“Congratulations on catching America’s ears…and eyes. Over the past month, you’ve wowed the world with your original performances. And, your ever-changing hairdos have made you almost as famous as KFC® Original Recipe® Chicken and Colonel Sanders himself.

On behalf of Kentucky Fried Chicken®, I want to serve up to you a tasty offer. If you don a bowl hairdo during one of your next nationally televised performances, KFC will grant you a free lifetime supply of KFC Famous Bowls®. We’re sure America will be as ‘bowled-over’ by your take on this classic look as they are by our KFC Famous Bowls.

From wavy to Mohawk to now the classic bowl – who knows, your bowl cut could start a trend as big as KFC Famous Bowls, which consumers ranked as THE most memorable new product of 2006.

In addition to free KFC Famous Bowls for life – if you sport a bowl cut, KFC will cut a check in your name to Colonel’s Scholars, a charity providing young people with much needed college scholarships. We’re confident that helping students afford college is something that even the toughest of judges would stand and applaud.” – Your Fan, Gregg Dedrick, President of KFC.

In addition to the poultry perks, KFC will also make a contribution in Sanjy’s name to Colonel Scholars, a charity that provides young people with college scholarships.

April 3, 2007. American Idol, Sanjaya Malakar. 4 comments.

Michelle Branch Busts Stalker


Michelle Branch — the chick who had a couple of hits a couple years back and who recently reinvented herself as a country artist with her band, The Wreckers — halted a concert to point out that her stalker was in the audience . Security took over from that point, and the stalker was taken into custody.

“Michelle Branch just said, ‘Wait a second. There’s a guy in the audience – striped shirt and glasses – can somebody check him out?’ ” audience member Cali Haas, 20, of Sheboygan, tells the Associated Press. “It left everyone just so confused, like, ‘Is this a joke, part of the show?’ ” Haas added.

But it was not part of the concert. Dominick Giordano, 32, of Maryland, was cited for disorderly conduct after staff members at the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts stopped him as he tried to escape on Monday, according to police.

michelle-branch-12.jpg michelle-branch-3.jpg michelle-branch-10.jpg

That’s kinda rock ‘n’ roll. Well, maybe not.

March 29, 2007. Uncategorized. 4 comments.

Will Shyamali Malakar Show Up Tonight?

Here’s a little recap of last week’s American Idol featuring the buxom Shyamali Malakar. We look forward to seeing more of Sanjaya’s beautiful sister tonight.


Scroll down for more Shyamali pics and info.

March 27, 2007. American Idol. Leave a comment.

O.D. of Anna Nicole


According to Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, Anna Nicole Smith’s death was a result of an “accidental overdose” and that foul play is not being considered.

“Nine prescription drugs including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and the sedative chloral hydrate were found in Anna Nicole’s blood…On the day of her arrival in Florida on February 5, she complained of chills and was later found to be running a fever at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 Celsius) caused by the perforation in an abscess in her left buttock, he said. “It is our determination that the cause of death is combined drug toxicity as a result of chloral hydrate and a therapeutic concentration of other medications,” said Perper. “A bacterial infection, a viral intestinal infection and possibly flu were contributory causes of death …. We did not find any evidence of homicide…”

Among the list of drugs Anna Nicole Smith took in the days leading up to her death was a growth hormone, making it the third weight loss product Smith had taken during her reign as TRIMSPA spokesperson. In addition, the Broward County Medical Examiner also released a description of the contents of Anna’s hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, in which Seminole detectives found Slim-Fast on her night table.

annanicolesmith_19414.jpg annanicolesmith_19440.jpg annanicolesmith_19.jpg

March 26, 2007. Anna Nicole Smith, Drugs. 1 comment.

Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol

The PopOff has moved.

Check out the new PopOff for hot pictures and bouncy video of the lovely Shyamali Malakar.

March 21, 2007. American Idol, Antonella Barba, Shyamali Malakar. 109 comments.

Fergie Goes Orange


‘Does anyone else find it odd that Josh Duhamel is still dating Fergie? He seems like a normal, handsome Hollywood actor who should be dating someone like Reese Witherspoon or Katharine McPhee. But no — he’s dating a strange combination of an orangutan and a Mack Truck. She’s all orange and pink! She looks like some Fruit Stripe gum that’s been chewed up and spit out.

stacy-fergie-ferguson1.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsaw-03.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsa.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsaw-021.jpg

We think Lady Sovereign said it best in her song “Tango”:

“Bring out the bucket, bring out the cloth, bring out the liquid, bring out the lot, if not, lets roll her to a carwash
Now washin you will be like washin a goth all that black lipsticks round their gobs, how the fuk do we get it off i think this is gonna be a very hard job.
How did ya get a tan like that in winter ya ran off to boots n got a box of tinter…… dint ya!!
Seeeeee.. u still got orange fingers!!

Wot network are you on…..”orange”
Colour of your bathwater…..”orange”
I think your favourite fruit must be an orange
Bitch did you know your orange

Slap, bang you gotta fake tan bitch you look like the tango man bogebogebo do the tango bogebogebo do the tango.”

March 19, 2007. Fergie, Lady Sovereign. 5 comments.

50 Kinda Interesting Things About Simon Cowell


Most of America knows him as the smug, heartless American Idol  judge who destroys dreams and bickers with Ryan Seacrest. But there’s much more to Simon Cowell than self-promotion and too-tight t-shirts — he’s a savvy businessman who knows how to expertly play the game.  In a quest to learn more about the $100 million man, Radar Online searched far and wide to find 50 interesting facts about Simon.  

Here are a couple to pique your interest:

  • Simon was once approached by a man who said he would pay six figures to have Cowell judge him and his wife in bed. He refused—which he says he regrets.
  • His many part-time jobs include car cleaner, baby-sitter, caroler, waiter at Elton John’s London restaurant, and film set gopher.
  • Cowell has forbidden girlfriend Terri Seymour from asking him questions after 11 p.m. and suggested she get her boobs enlarged.

Read “50 things you need to know about Simon Cowell

March 16, 2007. Simon Cowell. 7 comments.

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