Real Sex in the Cinema?


Rumors are circulating that the steamy sex scene in Factory Girl wasn’t actually two actors perfecting their craft, but it was actually the real thing. According to The New York Daily News, Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen were so hot for each other during the filming that they got worked up and went all the way.  

“It’s not simulated,” an insider tells us. “They’re really doing it.”It was during the film’s
Louisiana shoot that Miller ran into another squall in her stormy romance with Jude Law – and turned for comfort to Christensen, the “Star Wars” heartthrob.
“They spent about a month hanging out,” says one pal of Christensen. “But then she decided she didn’t want a relationship. Hayden was devastated. He really fell for her.”

Added a friend of Miller, “Sienna wanted to try to make another go of it with Jude. But, again, it didn’t work out. At the end of last summer, she and Hayden ended up in
Toronto for more shooting. They hadn’t talked in six months. But it turned out to be a great reunion.”

At the movie’s premiere on Monday, director George Hickenlooper would tell us only: “Sienna and Hayden grew close during the filming. It was an emotional experience for all of us.” As for the sex, he said, “We tried to portray it tastefully.”

And was congress actually in session during the shooting?

“I can’t comment,” Hickenlooper answered. “You’ll have to ask Sienna about it.”

Source: New York Daily News

This is the same Sienna Miller who has been off and on with Jude Law numerous times. We don’t think finding herself below Hayden is below Sienna.

sienna-miller-stripes-1.jpg  sienna-miller-stripes-4.jpg  sienna-miller-stripes-02.jpg

She sure is pretty, though, even when she’s wearing a dress fit for an inmate.

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Paris Sues the Pants Off the Guys Who Bought Her Crap


I guess we all knew this was coming. CNN is reporting Paris is suing the owners of Paris Exposed and trying to get the site shut down. Come on, blondie, you dropped your laundry — on video — and now you have your panties in a bunch?

In her lawsuit, Hilton said she put her possessions in storage two years ago when she and her sister, Nicky, moved out of a house that had been burglarized.

The 25-year-old heiress said a moving company was supposed to pay the storage fees and was “shocked and surprised” to learn her belongings were sold at a public auction.

“I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters’ private personal belongings for commercial gain,” Hilton said in a declaration supporting the lawsuit, adding she was concerned the information could be used for identity theft or harassment.

The lawsuit alleges defendants Nabil and Nabila Haniss paid $2,775 for the contents of the storage unit and later sold the items for $10 million to entrepreneur Bardia Persa, who created the site

Phone numbers for Nabil and Nabila Haniss of Culver City could not be located. Persa did not immediately respond to an e-mail Monday seeking comment.

Hilton’s publicist Elliot Mintz said that she would like the site shut down and “would like all of these items returned to her.”

If Paris is actually worried about her privacy, she should consider not videotaping seemingly every moment of her life, especially the parts where she smokes weeds, exposes her ass, and uses the n-word.

paris-hilton-exposed-pics-12.jpg  paris-hilton-exposed-pics-51.jpg  paris-hilton-exposed-pics-01.jpg  paris-hilton-exposed-pics-61.jpg

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Is the World Ready for McPheever?

Katharine McPhee‘s new album is coming out this week, and boy oh boy is her publicist hard at work. Check out the lovely McPhee’s upcoming appearances.katharine-mcphee-6.jpg

  • Monday: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • Tuesday: Self-titled debut album in stores!
  • Wed, 1/31: The Today Show
  • Thurs, 2/1: Regis & Kelly
  • Thurs, 2/1: Guest start on Ugly Betty

katharine-mcphee-4.jpg  katharine-mcphee-3.jpg  katharine-mcphee-2.jpg  katharine-mcphee-1.jpg

And don’t forget she’s guest-starring on Youtube in many of the latest Lonelygirl15 videos.

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A Girl Needs Shoes

Our little lost girl found her way this weekend. She didn’t find her way to sobriety or the movie set – she found her way to the mall.

The rambunctious redhead took some time out from rehab to engage is a bit of retail therapy at Dior. Lindsay reportedly parked her Benz in the handicap spot before entering the store. Since when is rehab worthy of a handicap pass?

ll_3.jpg  ll_2.jpg  ll_1.jpg


TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan’s privileges at Wonderland have driven disgruntled residents out of the rehab facility.

TMZ spoke with a recent ex-resident of the Wonderland house where Lohan has been, er … staying, and said that making an early exit was due entirely to the distraction created by Lindsay. Our source went on to say that once TMZ broke the story of Lindsay’s special treatment, Wonderland began treating all of the residents with more leniency, allowing all kinds of special treatment for everyone.

“Wonderland has become a joke,” according to our source. A very expensive joke. “While I’m trying to save my life, she’s (L.L.) trying to save her face.”

Reps from Wonderland had no comment.

Source: TMZ

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The Doctor Is Out


A rumor is circulating concerning Grey’s Anatomy cast member TR Knight — seems he might be leaving the show due to comments made by fellow cast member Isaiah Washington.

The actor was the subject of a widely-publicized homophobic slur by a cast mate and he “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled,” that he’s planning to leave the show, says a source.

“He was told not to say anything about the whole incident,” says the insider, referring to an on-set dust up in October when fellow cast member Isaiah Washington referred to Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley, with a derogatory word used to describe gay men.

Source: MSNBC

The derogatory word used was “faggot,” and Washington allegedly used it on more than one occasion. To help remedy this situation, Washington has checked himself into some sort of rehab that will surely cleanse him of his homophobia.

 TR looked a bit morose last night at the SAG Awards. Wait, maybe he looks high. Hard to tell…

trknight4.jpg  trknight3.jpg  trknight.jpg


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“Paris, Show Me Something”

Yet another video has popped up from the infamous Paris Exposed web site, and this time the girl reaches a new level of, well, sadness. In 20 minutes of video, Paris and pals party in Ibiza and St. Tropez while doing an incredible amount of blow and generally acting like coked-up fiends. Oh yeah, Paris flashes several times and also gets groped by Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. 

paris-hilton-exposed-011.jpg Video exclusively at Molly Good.

Thanks Molly for the hook up.

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Clooney and Pam Together?

In one of those “didn’t see this coming” moments, George Clooney and Pam Anderson were spotted “frolicking” together on a romantic date a couple weeks ago. According to a source:

The couple has also been spotted on dog-walk dates.


Uh, do Clooney, Kid Rock, and Tommy Lee fit the same profile? Wonder if the Hep C issue has come up in their chats.

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Strange, Sad Story of Storage

I know it’s hard to feel sorry for Paris Hilton, but if this story turns out to be true, we at the PopOff might consider it. But wait…she can’t even remember to pay $208 for a storage unit? Or better still, she doesn’t have someone who handles her bills and finances? Paris, we say you give that slacker the Ugg Boot.


It seems a precocious little website called Paris Exposed popped up today offering access to the items that were auctioned  from Paris’ storage facility after she failed to pay the bill. It’s Paris, so naturally the contents of her storage unit are a little more interesting than your average blonde.

paris-hilton-exposed-01.jpg paris-hilton-exposed-03.jpg paris-hilton-exposed-04.jpg

Included in the package:

  • Never-before-seen sex vids
  • The private phone numbers of thousands of celebrities
  • Her private diaries and her thoughts on various celebs, including Nicole Ritchie 
  • Rampant drug use by Paris and friends 
  • Over 25,000 personal photographs taken by Paris and her friends
  • And so much more

Our rich little lost girl seems to have just lost a good portion of her privacy. At least she still has her pride…err.

Link: Paris Exposed

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