Anna Nicole Pimped Out?


Star Magazine is reporting that Howard K. Stern used to force Anna Nicole Smith to have sex with different men because he thought it was good for business. In the magazine’s interview with Prince Frederic von Anhalt, he confessed that Anna Nicole used to get depressed over these “business transactions.”

“Nearly once a week, Prince Frederic von Anhalt’s phone would ring in the middle of the night and his friend and former lover, Anna Nicole Smith, would be on the other end of the line. ‘She would call me late, at like 2 a.m., when she couldn’t sleep and was upset or depressed,’ the prince exclusively told Star.  And what makes the already depressing picture of Anna’s life with attorney/companion Howard K. Stern look even seedier are von Anhalt’s wild claims that during these conversations, Anna told him that Stern often ‘pressured her to have sex with men that she didn’t want to have sex with!’ Stern would insist and say that it was good for business and good for the future. Stern only cared about business and what he could profit from. He claims that Anna told him that ‘Howard sold her body for favors!’

Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

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Antonella Barba Is a Bad Singer/Girl


It happens every damn year — an American Idol finalist finds herself in the middle of an x-rated controversy. This year finds the warbly-voiced Antonella Barba defending herself in the wake of racy pictures quickly making their way around the Internet.

 A friend of Barba jumped to her defense earlier this week after photos of the New Jersey native surfaced that appeared to show the attractive Barba performing oral sex on an anonymous man. Several other pictures — although hardly as graphic — of Barba in a variety of sexy outfits and poses followed close behind. Her best friend, who also appeared on earlier rounds of American Idol claims the most salacious photos are not Barba at all, although the less graphic photos are indeed the AI contestant.

I wonder how America will treat her this week? It’s always difficult to predict what the fickle American TV audience will do. We predict she’ll stick around at least one more week — everybody loves a girl who gives it the old college try.

The photos (NSFW) can be found here and here.

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Lindsay Lohan Makes Time to Party



The Oscars are over, Britney is in rehab, an American Idol contestant is in a sex controversy, and Lindsay Lohan is out clubbing – everything is back to normal in LaLa Land.

The recently scrubbed and rehabbed Lohan was seen at the new celebrity hangout Winston’s over the weekend. A girl’s gotta get out, right?


linds_3.jpg linds_5.jpg linds_2.jpg linds_1.jpg

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Mischa Barton Is Riding Dirty


I know the traffic in L.A. is horrendous, mind-numbing, and incredibly frustrating. Sometimes a person might need to take the edge off, and why not do it while driving on a crowded street with the paparazzi all around?


At least this explains why she stuck with Cisco Adler for so long – she was either constantly high or he was a sweet weed connection.

mb1.jpg mb2.jpg mb3.jpg mb4.jpg

Okay, we can’t say for certain she’s smoking the herb – it could be one of those fancy herbal cigarettes – but she sure looks satisfied in the pic.

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Brad and Angelina Adding Another


Britney went crazy and then went to rehab. Anna Nicole Smith news never stops. So don’t blame us that a feel-good story slipped under our radar.  It looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are adopting another baby, this one from

A source in Vietnam tells American publication US Weekly the couple have filed papers with the US Citizenship and Immigration services to adopt a boy from the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, which they visited in November (2006). 

Source: TeenHollywood

The past couple of weeks have been so top heavy with scandals, meltdowns, and sensationalism that stories like this have been overlooked. Pitt and Jolie might have to adopt a baby from Mars to knock Britney or Anna Nicole off the front pages.

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Jessica Simpson, Pizza Hut Shill, Gets Ill When Eating Pizza


Okay, I certainly don’t believe that every celebrity spokesperson uses the product they promote.  I’m sure Tiger Woods drives cars other than Buicks, but he probably has a couple parked in his garage. Well, Jessica Simpson stars in Pizza Hut commercials, but it turns out she’s allegeric to just about everything you find on a pizza.

Source: Elle Magazine

There was that internal bleeding discovered last year around the time she was filming Employee of the Month; doctors found the presence of the little bugger thought to cause ulcers. Recently, Simpson tells me, after she was still feeling not quite right, an allergist delivered news that would chill the heart of anyone reared on Texan cuisine: She’s allergic to cheese. And wheat. Oh, and tomatoes…

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Britney’s Rage Boils Over


Britney Spears attacked X17 Online photographers last night in a bout of rage. And can you really blame her?

Maybe she’s getting the help she needs at rehab.

 She looks kind of bad ass, although the Abercrombie & Fitch shorts don’t quite fit the skinhead look. Gots to get the girl some steel-toed boots.

brit_wild2.jpg brit_wild3.jpg brit_wild4.jpg

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The Return of Britney (to Rehab)


After checking into rehab on Monday and checking out on Tuesday, Britney Spears is back in rehab.

One of Kevin Federline’s lawyers confirmed that Britney checked back into the Promises treatment facility. He also indicated that the emergency custody hearing over the couple’s two sons has been canceled. The lawyer went on to say this is Britney’s last chance, and if she leaves rehab before getting the full 30 to 45 days of treatment, Federline will immediately go to court and seek full custody of the children.  It’s also being reported that Federline has had the kids since last Thursday, and that Spears tried to visit the kids last night, but K-Fed wouldn’t let the Cajun Chanteusse into the house.

Maybe this is the wake-up call Britney needs, although her track record of rehab isn’t in her favor.  

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Tyra Honors History


In honor of all self-obsessed models in the world, Tyra Banks celebrated the 10th anniversary of being the first black model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by recreating the cover. Okay, she claims it was for Black History Month, but we’re thinking there are some ulterior motives at play.

Same bikini, same photographers, but maybe a bit more airbrushing. We’re not saying Tyra is fat, it’s just there is something oddly even and smooth about the new pics.

See for yourself.


Dont you fret — the newest SI swimsuit models are never far behind.

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