Denise Richards visits a white (powder) sand beach


Is Denise Richard actually snorting coke at the beach? Let’s break down these images.

  • She’s holding a small container, some might say a vile
  • There looks to be white powder under her nose
  • She’s hanging with Richie Sambora

Okay, when we add it all up, it certainly seems possible, maybe even likely. Then again, maybe it’s some new kind of “nose balm” that just happens to leave a distinct white residue on a person’s upper lip.

denise-richards-cocaine-03.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-04.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-02.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-05.jpg


February 2, 2007. Aging Rockers, Bikini, Chicks, Denise Richards, Drugs.

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