Rosie O’Donnell Attacks American Idol


Rosie O’Donnell sure likes to pick fights. First it was Donald Trump, now it’s American Idol. 

At the beginning of the current AI season, O’Donnell, co-host of ABC’s The View, criticized the American Idol judges  for making negative comments about contestants’ physical appearance, including one contestant with bulging eyes who was told he resembled an animal that lived in the jungle.

This morning on The View, Rosie O’Donnell accused AI of being “weightist and wacist,” while doing her best Donald Duck impression. She, of course, is referring to the fact that Idol sacked former contestant Frenchie Davis for topless photos that appeared on the Internet, but kept current contestant Antonella Barba despite her racy pictures. According to Rosie, this is because Davis is black and overweight and Barba is not.

Check out the video.

March 6, 2007. American Idol.

One Comment

  1. Glenn replied:

    I thought Antonella Barba was hot. Her voice sucked, so that is why she was eliminated. She did not volunteer to pose in a mag, she just freely posed for friends.

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