Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol

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March 21, 2007. American Idol, Antonella Barba, Shyamali Malakar.


  1. ButterFan replied:

    Big time fan!!! Can’t wait for next week. Got to keep Sanjaya alive just to see her again!!

  2. prakashdaniel replied:

    hmmm,i was very impressed to see her in that low cut t-shirt and well she deserves to work at HOOTERS then…

  3. davewjunior replied:

    Hey, does anyone know who sings that “I’m coming home” song that they play every week as the person gets booted off the show? If so, please drop me an email.

  4. jbferris replied:

    It’s Daughtry – Home

  5. Venkatesh replied:

    So thats the secret behind keeping Sanjaya alive 🙂 Great pictures though !


  6. Venkatesh replied:

    So thats the secret behind keeping Sanjaya alive 🙂 Great pictures thought !


  7. Shyamali Malakar Has Boobs, Knows How to Use Them | Celebrity Hack replied:

    […] via Pop Off […]

  8. hyperliteratura replied:

    look at a great moldavian short movie, with english translation, on hyperliteratura:

  9. extrapolater replied:

    The keep Sanjaya movement is finally starting to make sense to me.

    I actually had the hots for her during the auditions. I was hoping she’d get on the show just for that.

  10. ACoolboy2 replied:


  11. Roscoe replied:

    Wow, nice rack. Reminds me of a young Tara Banks

  12. EddieJoe replied:

    whoa baby… she is totally beautiful and sexy babe. i know Shyamali Malakar can’t sing on American Idol 6. she sing pretty good but she should be on America’s Next Top Model next year untill she turn 18 year olds.

  13. Swineshead replied:

    Great knockers but she’s vacuous as hell.
    She seems to live in a bland vacuum.

  14. ACoolboy2 replied:

    wtf? dude Swineshead what the hell are you talking bout?

  15. Pimp_Daddy replied:

    Nah nah nah man no away in hell not on tv show you see Shyamali need work for me be on the stripper club buttnaked or make adult movies or go out street make some money for me yeah hah hah hah i love make some money.

  16. Jack replied:

    Id suck the shit out of those massive titties

  17. John replied:

  18. John replied:

    -Sigh- what an idiots. jack is the pimp_daddy get a life you lame azz.beside jack is gay you don’t like girls you like look at boys azz.

  19. Borat replied:

    Thoses teets are nicer than my pameela……… NAAT

  20. FraudWasteAbuse replied:

    Eh, she’s okay.

  21. Prostr8 replied:

    Well, I don’t watch Idol and, although I don’t think her face is all that hot, she’s got a sweeeeet bod! As long as I had a bag for her face, I definitely wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

  22. FraudWasteAbuse replied:

    what the hell i’m saying… i lie she’s not okay she is so fine woo hoo. (howl) oooowwwww

  23. Nastay replied:

    Okay, seriousally, there are so many tits—see em’ once see em’ again. She looks like a pug, but has nice tits-whoopy. I wouldn’t even paper bag her.

  24. fizz replied:

    the only reasons that keep Sanjaya on the show is making Simon quit as a judge or his sister Shyamali…..

  25. Ricstud replied:

    Those tits are perfect to blow my huge load on!!!!!!

  26. Mr. Dot head replied:

    I wanna suck on her big titties and cum in her face!!
    nappy headed ho !!!

  27. Scat replied:

    For most of the people who commented, it’s no wonder our society stinks! Learn to spell and use grammatically correct sentences. I know Kindergarteners who use better grammer!

  28. Ta bestest replied:

    all i have to say is WOW!

  29. J Love replied:

    It’s sad that the person complaining about grammatically correct sentences neglects to consult the dictionary to correctly spell the word “GrammAr”.

  30. Sarah replied:

    I can not believe some of the comments, It is a wonder that the children grow up the way they do. Come men grow the hell up. She is a very beautiful women, and you can say she looks nice, with out using the word tits or ass. Or my favorite above I could blow a hug load. Wow! Doesn’t get any better than that.

  31. bob barker replied:

    Dear Scat,

    Maybe you should learn to spell. The last word of your post is spelled incorrectly. It should be “grammar.” Thank you.

  32. ronnie replied:

    i like sanjaya’s sister as she is a good singer and i think she is pretty and sexy but i absolutely am in love with antonella barba in every sense of the word-love-as i think she is the type of girl i can be in love with and love everything about her-n.j. guy from piscataway

  33. CIVSintl replied:

    All of you that made grotesque remarks are disgusting. To think this girl is supporting her brother and you all slander and disrespect her in blogs. That is disrespectful to the right of free speech and you know what it probably doesn’t affect her at all. It reflects badly upon all of you that can’t keep your dirty minds in check. – Embarrassed that your comments can’t be deleted.

  34. Leif Christiansen replied:

    Seriously. She’s a beautiful woman but there’s no need to be offensive and disrespectful when you talk about her. Imagine someone tainting the beauty of your family by making a joke about the people that are most important to you.


  35. shawn replied:

    how did we get from american idol to hooters…sad commentary on how useless the show is….rather than two all time best voices still in contention, people are discussing a guy who can’t get two musical notes together and his sister who is letting it all hang out ..

  36. mel replied:

    well..don’t watch the show…

  37. E13 replied:

    Hey Sarah, Sorry but if your going to work at Hooters and dress the way she does. Then your stupid for not expecting guys to act a certain way. She a freaking HOE bag.. What girl in thier right mind would work at Hooters anyways. Use your brain not your body..

  38. phone replied:

    u go girl…!!…more power to you…

  39. asianboner replied:

    man she gives me wood! shes hot and if i was at that hooters i would jizz in my shorts

  40. karina replied:

    i like sanjaya’s sister as she is a good singer and i think she is pretty and sexy but i absolutely am in love with antonella barba in every sense of the word-love-as i think she is the type of girl i can be in love with and love everything about her-n.j. guy from piscataway


  41. jloooo replied:

    HAve you guys really seen beautifull women??? She just looks like a person who wants to get attention with her boobs. In a nut shell she is the perfect idol for Alllllllll boooobs and nooooooooooooo brains.

  42. Corabelle replied:

    This girl is Beautiful…the guys here are nothing but freakin’ slobs…….

  43. raymond replied:

    wow! she got awesome boobs. i jerked off like 2 times.

  44. CIVSintl replied:

    Its a job E13 and any respectable man wouldn’t act that way. As long as they respect themselves…

  45. raymond replied:

    i was in love with haley’s legs as well.

  46. raymond replied:

    whats job e13

  47. sat replied:

    Indians are not supposed to expose the way she is doing..It is an insult to indian community. My wife even in the bed is so shy..can’t imaging shyamala coming from indian roots and doing all that stuff..

    Well, I have to say I am enjoying the pics and ti.., but not from an indian.

  48. radman replied:

    i wanna blow a huge load on SARAH…hehe.

  49. raymond replied:

    yor wife is shy in bed. hahhahaaaaa! wht does she do?

  50. raymond replied:

    sanjaya looks fugly but i like the way he looks at the camera! and he can actually hula.

  51. VNA replied:

    i would live to smash on that nappy headed hoe! Ya mean! Fo shizzle i give her my dizzle! all nite long! only thing is she got a munky face. other women, dont hate cuz u dont git nun. hit me up and i wilz hook yall up! peace out foolz.

  52. raymond replied:

    she looks like tyra banks!

  53. Ed replied:

    Grammer, gramme, grammer, who is really looking at the grammer????

    There is a beautiful woman here that is sure to grace the pages of Playboy one day and we are worried about grammer.

  54. Singh replied:

    Why men have to be,(and allow me to improve the insult), such a pig’s ass. And $#%$#% the grammar and my spelling errors, this not a writing contest. She’s a pretty girl and she’s 20 years old. Her brother is the one that is 17, so get it straight some of you…Anyhow, she can show off all she wants. Some people need to stop being so sick or critical about other’s peoples body features. Besides that helps the show ratings and her cute bro’ too. Good luck SANJAYA, you are a genius. And go for it sis. More power to ya!

  55. brittany replied:

    She has huge eyeballs that pop out of her head… and she looks like she needs to do another line.

  56. raymond replied:

    yall go and lick shamlees boobs, i gotta go. am gettin addicted to shamlees boob page. fukyall.

  57. VNA replied:

    good one radman, that sarah sounds like a nappy headed hoe. and sat, ur not a playa like me! i have had many indians show me their goods, ya mean!

  58. Singh replied:

    And who care’s she’s indian or not. We are in America… “I like to live in America, I love to live in America”. 😉

  59. mary replied:

    she is a cute girl. i think the guys in here are N A S T Y! but then again, all guys are! its ok. i like them anyway. at least they are telling the truth.

  60. Bill replied:

    Yo Sarah fuck off were guys and we want to procreate like we were meant to do. Why are there guys and girls on this earth? To FUCK and keep the human race going. I would defentitly fuck that ho, and show her whos her daddy. She is cute lets keep her dumb ass brother on the show for awhile longer just to check her out

  61. raymond replied:

    hahahahaha! bill is smart. cant stop laughing on this strategy. hahahaa

  62. Jasper replied:

    i seen me a pair like dem one time out in them woods by my pa’s trailer. with no clothes. very nice i must say. but not as nice as my chevy!

  63. jay replied:

    she is banging!

  64. Jasper replied:

    good plan Bill, thats what my pa said were here to do! i would live to be that there womans mate! i would mount her on my chevy!

  65. cletus replied:

    hey jasper, u talkin bout them woods by the river. i seen a girl there too. she had a mighty big rack. bigger than the buck my pa got last year. i would mate with her all nite long. as for her brother, i would’nt let him sit in my truck even if it was a toyota! not that i would buy that crap truck.

  66. eddie wong replied:

    that very good looking woman. i trade yak for her. i think she lota pretty in the chest. i want wife to look like this woman. i stuck to this one. but i want more the woman on tv. she get eggroll going! i get back to work now.

  67. Imus replied:

    Im sorry for what i said…. no not really. Just sorry for thinking out loud. I better not say what i think out loud about this … um… woman.

  68. joe j. replied:

    whats up with all the crazy comments. she looks ok! a liitle weird in the face, but good body and thats what matters at the end of the day. (nite time)

  69. craig replied:

    she is not as hot as you all say so. ive seen a monkey at the zoo that looks better than this chic.

  70. Bill replied:

    Craig you like to look at monkeys in a sexual way bro your fucking sick get some help we better make surre craig dont jump the fence and start fucking monkeys in the ass ha ha

  71. jim replied:

    she dont look that good!

  72. Bill replied:

    you should try the zebras. i like them better with that big ass all stripped. man i cant believe i cheat on my wife like that. leave the monkeys alone bro. they are too much like us.

  73. Scat replied:

    Amazing!!! I guess we do have some intelligent minds out there after all. For the ones who caught the spelling of grammar, CONGRATS! You now officially graduate from grade school. Your diploma is in the mail!

  74. craig replied:

    thanks for the idea but im not like you. im just sayin she is fugly.

  75. jim replied:

    everybody leave them critters alone. yall are sick

  76. raymond replied:

    hahahhaa! ones again heads up for bill’s monkey philosophy for craig. hahaha. thts right zebras ass is big. hahaha. enjoy monkeys and zebras craig. hahahaa. cant stop laughter again.haahhaa

  77. martin replied:


  78. DOOFUS replied:


  79. jihadjoe replied:

    goofy face. nice tits. id pork her.

  80. Kenny replied:


  81. Kenny replied:

    boobs boobs boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Phil Chroniger replied:

    Yeah, she’s definitely really hot.

    Is it me, though, or are her teeth kinda yellow?

  83. Top Posts « replied:

    […] Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol [image] The PopOff has moved. Check out the new PopOff for hot pictures and bouncy video of the lovely Shyamali […] […]

  84. teamstadium replied:

    Does anyone know where to find More pics of
    Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs

  85. Right Celebrity replied:

    Shyamali Malakar Photos

    Here is Sanjaya’s big sister doing what big girls do. Well, in this case it is showing a Hooter’s caliber rack. In fact, this IS a Hooters photo, since Shyamali really did work there!

    Shyamali Malakar Hooters Photos

    Why was Sanjaya&#8…

  86. Caroline replied:

    she would never win american idol she sucks like her brother ro her’s cousin

  87. Caroline replied:

    she would never win american idol she sucks like her brother or her’s cousin whatever they are who cares!!!

  88. Caroline replied:

    all the boys would think so because they would be the only ones voting for her they just like her for her boob thats so stuiped

  89. Caroline replied:

    all the boys would think so because they would be the only ones voting for her they just like her for her boobs thats so stuiped

  90. Jochen replied:

    wow she is cute!

  91. John replied:

    Shyamali works at the Hooter’s Restaurant in Tacoma, Washington!

  92. lol replied:

    lol you would never see guys being disrespectful to a beautiful girls with small tits. the reason people are being disgusting is because of her vulgar huge tits. tits like that attract idioitic low class rednecks and wiggars. if she doesnt like the negative attention, she can always get a breast reduction

    men with class like small breasts and dont make vulgar remarks

    men with no class, who are dirt poor, and ugly as sin, love big tits and dont look at beauty, but at vulgarity and are attracted to things that are “cum inducing”

  93. lol replied:

    anyway my point was- that the nasty comments are not indicative of ALL men, just men with no taste, and absolutely no class, aka, men who like big boobs

  94. DJ PAKHUONGTE replied:

    […] Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol […]

  95. Vijay replied:

    Check out more pictures and videos at

  96. An indian replied:

    Being an Indian she shld not do something like this. As indian women are very decent and dont behave cheaply like her in public. Indian women are all very sexy and exotic but are not cheap at all. She shld not portrait wrong things abt indian women. Eventhough she is in America but she has indian roots and culture and i think she shld maitain that. With talent she shld succeed in life and not with some low cheap graded behaviour. I hope she understands that and people here who are writing bad stuff abt a women shld think abt their sisters and mothers are also women so please stop this vulgar comments.

  97. rafik replied:

    sanjay is very lucky that she has got the sister like this.i never heard that a sister shows her nude body to her day sanjay will suck her bigboobs and have sex with her sexy sister.if i would have sister like sanjay i would have been made her pregnent and fuck her daily.

  98. :: Sujet :: Latest celebrity photos and news! Blog Archive » Shyamali Malakar Pictures replied:

    […] just see which tits America is going to vote for!” Judge Simon Cowell was shocked at the challenge. “This […]

  99. Leia replied:

    In response to sat, Shyamali is half-Indian, after all. Did you see how her mom, Jillian, (the woman with the Momjaya shirt) was wearing. Her shirt was almost as low as Shyamali’s was. Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

  100. Lisa replied:

    Lol-YOU GO!!!! But then again, ALL men are freakin’ g-damned OBSESSED with ANYTHING over a c-cup-g-damned biases a-holes!!! SMALL TITS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS BIG ONES, but do men think so?? NOOOOOOOOOOO-they want a TALENTLESS BIMBO who thinks she’s soooooooo frickin’ HOT just because she has two gargantuous sized bags of fat-AND THAT’S ALL THEY ARE, BOYS!!! BTW-what’s she gonna look like when she gets older and they sag down to her frickin’ knees???


  101. Lisa replied:

    I just WISH for once that pigs, oops, I men MEN, would get hard over smaller, perkier tits with nice nipples, but hey, I forget, MEN DON’T HAVE BRAINS!! OH, wait, my bad, yes they DO have brains….IN THEIR DAMN PANTS—Oh, wait, they are small-minded-meaning these so-called MEN aren’t 7 inches or bigger…….take THAT, pigs!!!

  102. Lisa replied:

    Guys, just GIVE SMALLER TITS A CHANCE JUST FOR FREAKIN” ONCE!! We love for you to fuck us and shoot your wad on US too, you know!! Bunch of assholes!!

    Men suck!!

  103. Extra P. replied:

    I guarantee that if someone on American Idol comes out with small boobs but her nipples are standing at attention, you’ll see them all over the internet, too.

  104. Lisa replied:

    I doubt it……well, I don’t know, maybe..I’m just sick of this whole boob obsession altoghther…

  105. Lisa replied:

    To Nastay-I totally agree with you-all men care about is a goddamn RACK-nope, men don’t care about a pretty face and great body anymore-just a frickin’ RACK!!!

    Wow, I guess you men on these posts don’t get ANY, do you?? Perhaps it’s because YOU’RE UGLY and have a big fat gut and a 3 inch penis??????? Yeah, that’s it!!!


  106. Kondomer replied:

    Ja ok… /Jesper

  107. Big Tits in Public replied:

    Big Tits in Public…

    Posted by admin in AMC , Big Tits on March 20th, 2009 You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed….

  108. Shyamali Malakar Photos » Right Celebrity replied:

    […] Idol? Memo to Simon. American Idol hotties are good for ratings. That is especially true when Shyamali’s boobs are popping out of her […]

  109. Colin replied:

    dude i work with this girl

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