Britney and Howie Collide in Rehab


Promises, promises: Britney Spears changes boyfriends about as often as hair-dos and dont’s. Apparently she is dating Howie Day after meeting the musician in rehab. Note to Howie: Make sure she wears her panties when you two go out and steer clear of Paris Hilton if you can.

Can you imagine group at Promises with a who’s who of celebs?

I hope Howie likes the Lakers otherwise he could be on his way out already.

Britney is reportedly taking Howie to her cousin’s wedding on June 2. Might be one hot karaoke night.

April 5, 2007. Britney Spears, Trainwreck.


  1. lauriekendrick replied:

    Good thing Britney and her drug addled self didn’t pair up with James “Blunt”.

    I enjoy your work!

  2. mattgunn replied:

    Does dating someone you met in rehab ever work out?

    She is always good for endless entertainment.


  3. DJ PAKHUONGTE replied:

    […] DJ PAKHUONGTE {April 25, 2007}   News Updated Britney and Howie Collide in Rehab […]

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