Fried Sanjaya and Biscuits, Please!


Is Sanjaya Malakar finger lickin’ good?

Kentucky Fried Chicken has offered the American Idol wannabe a free lifetime supply of their Famous Bowls if the 17-year-old crooner sports a bowl hairdo in one of his next televised performances.

Here’s the letter:

“Congratulations on catching America’s ears…and eyes. Over the past month, you’ve wowed the world with your original performances. And, your ever-changing hairdos have made you almost as famous as KFC® Original Recipe® Chicken and Colonel Sanders himself.

On behalf of Kentucky Fried Chicken®, I want to serve up to you a tasty offer. If you don a bowl hairdo during one of your next nationally televised performances, KFC will grant you a free lifetime supply of KFC Famous Bowls®. We’re sure America will be as ‘bowled-over’ by your take on this classic look as they are by our KFC Famous Bowls.

From wavy to Mohawk to now the classic bowl – who knows, your bowl cut could start a trend as big as KFC Famous Bowls, which consumers ranked as THE most memorable new product of 2006.

In addition to free KFC Famous Bowls for life – if you sport a bowl cut, KFC will cut a check in your name to Colonel’s Scholars, a charity providing young people with much needed college scholarships. We’re confident that helping students afford college is something that even the toughest of judges would stand and applaud.” – Your Fan, Gregg Dedrick, President of KFC.

In addition to the poultry perks, KFC will also make a contribution in Sanjy’s name to Colonel Scholars, a charity that provides young people with college scholarships.

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Will Shyamali Malakar Show Up Tonight?

Here’s a little recap of last week’s American Idol featuring the buxom Shyamali Malakar. We look forward to seeing more of Sanjaya’s beautiful sister tonight.


Scroll down for more Shyamali pics and info.

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Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol

The PopOff has moved.

Check out the new PopOff for hot pictures and bouncy video of the lovely Shyamali Malakar.

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Rosie O’Donnell Attacks American Idol


Rosie O’Donnell sure likes to pick fights. First it was Donald Trump, now it’s American Idol. 

At the beginning of the current AI season, O’Donnell, co-host of ABC’s The View, criticized the American Idol judges  for making negative comments about contestants’ physical appearance, including one contestant with bulging eyes who was told he resembled an animal that lived in the jungle.

This morning on The View, Rosie O’Donnell accused AI of being “weightist and wacist,” while doing her best Donald Duck impression. She, of course, is referring to the fact that Idol sacked former contestant Frenchie Davis for topless photos that appeared on the Internet, but kept current contestant Antonella Barba despite her racy pictures. According to Rosie, this is because Davis is black and overweight and Barba is not.

Check out the video.

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Kelly Pickler on the Boob Tube


Kelly Pickler, the dim but loveable loser on last season’s American Idol, performed on Thursday’s show. Her look has evolved over the past year — the North Carolina native transformed from a naive, innocent, and slim cutiepie to a naive, innocent, voluptuous temptress. Could it be the new set of boobs (alleged) she decided to debut on the AI results show? Ryan Seacrest was clearly distracted by Pickler’s plunging neckline. Perhaps she’s just becoming a woman or she’s wearing an impressive push-up bra. In fact, her prom pic (above) makes the case that Kelly isn’t augmented.  I would argue we should be more concerned with the odd choice in hairstyle.


A younger Pickler:

pickler4.jpg pickler1.jpg pickler-2.jpg pickler3.jpg

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Antonella Barba Is a Bad Singer/Girl


It happens every damn year — an American Idol finalist finds herself in the middle of an x-rated controversy. This year finds the warbly-voiced Antonella Barba defending herself in the wake of racy pictures quickly making their way around the Internet.

 A friend of Barba jumped to her defense earlier this week after photos of the New Jersey native surfaced that appeared to show the attractive Barba performing oral sex on an anonymous man. Several other pictures — although hardly as graphic — of Barba in a variety of sexy outfits and poses followed close behind. Her best friend, who also appeared on earlier rounds of American Idol claims the most salacious photos are not Barba at all, although the less graphic photos are indeed the AI contestant.

I wonder how America will treat her this week? It’s always difficult to predict what the fickle American TV audience will do. We predict she’ll stick around at least one more week — everybody loves a girl who gives it the old college try.

The photos (NSFW) can be found here and here.

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Is the World Ready for McPheever?

Katharine McPhee‘s new album is coming out this week, and boy oh boy is her publicist hard at work. Check out the lovely McPhee’s upcoming appearances.katharine-mcphee-6.jpg

  • Monday: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • Tuesday: Self-titled debut album in stores!
  • Wed, 1/31: The Today Show
  • Thurs, 2/1: Regis & Kelly
  • Thurs, 2/1: Guest start on Ugly Betty

katharine-mcphee-4.jpg  katharine-mcphee-3.jpg  katharine-mcphee-2.jpg  katharine-mcphee-1.jpg

And don’t forget she’s guest-starring on Youtube in many of the latest Lonelygirl15 videos.

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Party Like it’s 1999

Paula Abdul must be excited about the start of “American Idol.” In this interview with a Bay Area news station, Paula squirms and slurs her way to embarrassment. Thankfully, the anchorman, the stoic and bemused Ross McGowan, is onto her act and asks her, “Do you always wiggle around that much?”

 Straight up, now tell me, would MC Skat Kat approve of this behavior?

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