Tyra Honors History


In honor of all self-obsessed models in the world, Tyra Banks celebrated the 10th anniversary of being the first black model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by recreating the cover. Okay, she claims it was for Black History Month, but we’re thinking there are some ulterior motives at play.

Same bikini, same photographers, but maybe a bit more airbrushing. We’re not saying Tyra is fat, it’s just there is something oddly even and smooth about the new pics.

See for yourself.


Dont you fret — the newest SI swimsuit models are never far behind.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Time-Killer


Need something to do for the next couple days? The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue should provide a decent diversion.

February 15, 2007. Beach, Beyonce, Bikini, Marisa Miller, Sports, Swimsuit. 5 comments.

Beyonce Brings the Booty to S.I.


According to a recent poll from AskMen.com, Beyonce is the most desirable woman in the world.  Let’s just say we were skeptical of the list, but now this? When will it stop? Look it, Beyonce is hot — we get it. We have nothing against the girl. But why is she gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition? The SI swimsuit cover is the bastion of young, extremely hot Brazilians or unknown, nubile Swedes, not the place for overexposed singers. We’re not anti-Beyonce, but enough is enough.

 Some pics just because…

beyonce7.jpg beyonce5.jpg beyonce6.jpg beyonce4.jpg beyonce3.jpg beyonce2.jpg beyonce1.jpg

February 14, 2007. Beyonce, Bikini. 6 comments.

Denise Richards visits a white (powder) sand beach


Is Denise Richard actually snorting coke at the beach? Let’s break down these images.

  • She’s holding a small container, some might say a vile
  • There looks to be white powder under her nose
  • She’s hanging with Richie Sambora

Okay, when we add it all up, it certainly seems possible, maybe even likely. Then again, maybe it’s some new kind of “nose balm” that just happens to leave a distinct white residue on a person’s upper lip.

denise-richards-cocaine-03.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-04.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-02.jpg denise-richards-cocaine-05.jpg

February 2, 2007. Aging Rockers, Bikini, Chicks, Denise Richards, Drugs. 1 comment.

Beyonce Bounces to the Top


AskMen.com recently revealed their “Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2007,” and Beyonce Knowles garnered the most votes.

Beyonce is #1. Really? 8.5 million votes, and it’s Beyonce? The votes must have been counted in Florida or Ohio — this just can’t be correct.

Voters were asked to consider qualities beyond sex appeal and beauty, such as “intelligence, humor, charisma and ambition,” according to the site. More than 8.5 million votes were cast, the Web site says. Knowles, currently co-starring in “Dreamgirls”, was followed by screen sirens Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba, supermodel Adriana Lima and actress Jessica Biel. Rounding out the top 10 were model Alessandra Ambrosio, singer Shakira, TV host Maria Menounos and actresses Angelina Jolie and Elisha Cuthbert.”

Okay, we’re not claiming Beyonce is some dog, but is she really the most desirable woman in the world? We performed due diligence and looked at all 99 women on the list. Then we took another peek or three at the 99 ladies deemed “most desirable,’ and we gotta say Miss Bootylicious might break the top 50, but #1? Come on! Dare we say most of the Top Rejections should place above Beyonce.

 Some of the sad, ugly, undesirable losers:
 kerirussell.jpg  naomi_watts.jpg  katebosworth.jpg  cameron_diaz.jpg

February 1, 2007. Beach, Beyonce, Bikini, Cameron Diaz, Chicks, Kate Bosworth, Keri Russell, Naomi Watts. 2 comments.

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Mas Skinny

Everyone harps on the eating non-habits of Nicole Richie, Mary Kate, and Kate Bosworth, but a couple of new skingenues are frolicking on the beach this week: Keira Knightley and Gisele  Bundchen.

kiera-2.jpg kiera-1.jpg gisellle-2.jpg gisellle.jpg

Okay, Gisele looks looks pretty skinny, but at least she looks healthy. And after all, she is a supermodel. Kiera, however, looks like her bikini is about the slip off. Good thing she has some ribs to keep that top up.

January 9, 2007. Beach, Bikini, Chicks. 2 comments.