Jen and Vince: Back On?


Courteney Cox threw her good friend Jennifer Aniston a birthday party over the weekend and guess who crashed? Yep, none other than ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn. Okay, he was probably an invited guess, but we always think of him as a party crasher.  

Courteney’s yard was decorated with dozens of small votive candles lining the walkways, and the smell of barbecued sea food wafted above the mid-century modern home. Jen arrived at shortly after 7 PM, followed a half hour later by none other than ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn. The Chicago-born actor, wearing a red jacket and looking unshaven and scruffy, arrived in a silver Volvo with a male friend. Vince was smiling and laughing as he got out of the car and quickly ducked inside the party.

Source: Star Magazine

I wonder what Vince thinks of Anison’s new nose or the recent topless photos [NSFW] that recently surfaced.

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