Jessica Simpson’s Adoption Ambition


Page Six reports Jessica Simpson yearns to be a mom sooner rather than later. The blonde bombshell wants to be like Angelina and adopt a baby, although she apparently didn’t say if she wanted one from outside the country.  Jealously of young Hollywood baby mamas isn’t the only reason Jess has baby fever — she says her dogs are putting her into the maternal caregiving mode.

Is current beau John Mayer the man to bring Jessica a child? Well, her body is a wonderland, which is probably reason number one she’s going the adoption route.

Source: Page Six

Some pics of the sexy future Mom of the Year:

js3.jpg js2.jpg js1.jpg

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Jessica Simpson, Pizza Hut Shill, Gets Ill When Eating Pizza


Okay, I certainly don’t believe that every celebrity spokesperson uses the product they promote.  I’m sure Tiger Woods drives cars other than Buicks, but he probably has a couple parked in his garage. Well, Jessica Simpson stars in Pizza Hut commercials, but it turns out she’s allegeric to just about everything you find on a pizza.

Source: Elle Magazine

There was that internal bleeding discovered last year around the time she was filming Employee of the Month; doctors found the presence of the little bugger thought to cause ulcers. Recently, Simpson tells me, after she was still feeling not quite right, an allergist delivered news that would chill the heart of anyone reared on Texan cuisine: She’s allergic to cheese. And wheat. Oh, and tomatoes…

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Damn, Jessica, Just Damn



Why are you doing this? Why do you make yourself look like a demon? What’s with the hair? And the hideous makeup? You look like a tranny trainwreck. Can’t we go back to the halcyon days of “Dukes of Hazzard”? Why this? Why now?

jsfug1.jpg jsfug8.jpg jsfug10.jpg jsfug5.jpg

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