Kelly Pickler on the Boob Tube


Kelly Pickler, the dim but loveable loser on last season’s American Idol, performed on Thursday’s show. Her look has evolved over the past year — the North Carolina native transformed from a naive, innocent, and slim cutiepie to a naive, innocent, voluptuous temptress. Could it be the new set of boobs (alleged) she decided to debut on the AI results show? Ryan Seacrest was clearly distracted by Pickler’s plunging neckline. Perhaps she’s just becoming a woman or she’s wearing an impressive push-up bra. In fact, her prom pic (above) makes the case that Kelly isn’t augmented.  I would argue we should be more concerned with the odd choice in hairstyle.


A younger Pickler:

pickler4.jpg pickler1.jpg pickler-2.jpg pickler3.jpg

March 2, 2007. American Idol, Kelly Pickler, Ryan Seacrest. 10 comments.