Fergie Goes Orange


‘Does anyone else find it odd that Josh Duhamel is still dating Fergie? He seems like a normal, handsome Hollywood actor who should be dating someone like Reese Witherspoon or Katharine McPhee. But no — he’s dating a strange combination of an orangutan and a Mack Truck. She’s all orange and pink! She looks like some Fruit Stripe gum that’s been chewed up and spit out.

stacy-fergie-ferguson1.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsaw-03.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsa.jpg stacy-fergie-ferguson-warsaw-021.jpg

We think Lady Sovereign said it best in her song “Tango”:

“Bring out the bucket, bring out the cloth, bring out the liquid, bring out the lot, if not, lets roll her to a carwash
Now washin you will be like washin a goth all that black lipsticks round their gobs, how the fuk do we get it off i think this is gonna be a very hard job.
How did ya get a tan like that in winter ya ran off to boots n got a box of tinter…… dint ya!!
Seeeeee.. u still got orange fingers!!

Wot network are you on…..”orange”
Colour of your bathwater…..”orange”
I think your favourite fruit must be an orange
Bitch did you know your orange

Slap, bang you gotta fake tan bitch you look like the tango man bogebogebo do the tango bogebogebo do the tango.”

March 19, 2007. Fergie, Lady Sovereign. 5 comments.