Lindsay Lohan Makes Time to Party



The Oscars are over, Britney is in rehab, an American Idol contestant is in a sex controversy, and Lindsay Lohan is out clubbing – everything is back to normal in LaLa Land.

The recently scrubbed and rehabbed Lohan was seen at the new celebrity hangout Winston’s over the weekend. A girl’s gotta get out, right?


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A Girl Needs Shoes

Our little lost girl found her way this weekend. She didn’t find her way to sobriety or the movie set – she found her way to the mall.

The rambunctious redhead took some time out from rehab to engage is a bit of retail therapy at Dior. Lindsay reportedly parked her Benz in the handicap spot before entering the store. Since when is rehab worthy of a handicap pass?

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TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan’s privileges at Wonderland have driven disgruntled residents out of the rehab facility.

TMZ spoke with a recent ex-resident of the Wonderland house where Lohan has been, er … staying, and said that making an early exit was due entirely to the distraction created by Lindsay. Our source went on to say that once TMZ broke the story of Lindsay’s special treatment, Wonderland began treating all of the residents with more leniency, allowing all kinds of special treatment for everyone.

“Wonderland has become a joke,” according to our source. A very expensive joke. “While I’m trying to save my life, she’s (L.L.) trying to save her face.”

Reps from Wonderland had no comment.

Source: TMZ

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