Project Runway Trainwreck!


TMZ is reporting that the new season of Project Runway is headed toward trouble.  Oh, where is Super Designer Tim Gunn when you really need him?

Sources tell TMZ that auditions held this weekend at the downtown Standard Hotel had a record low turnout. We’re told that since lines were not very long, production staff members were “scrambling” to contact more up-and-coming designers to show up. In the words of the incomparable Tim Gunn, “Make it work!” Perhaps the fear of being ‘auf’ed’ by Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia, who was a judge during this weekend’s session, kept all the wannabe Donatellas and Gallianos away!

Despite the fashion hiccup in Los Angeles, the new season of the fashion forward reality show is scheduled to premiere this summer on Bravo.

Source: TMZ

April 4, 2007. Project Runway. 1 comment.