Britney Orgies, Four Years Too Late

Four or five years ago, rumors of Britney Spears engaging in lesbian orgies would have been front page news. Everyone would be scouring the Internet for information and pictures, anything they could find that proved the rumors true.  Now the news it’s kind of sad and not at all sexy. Maybe nasty is a better word.

Insiders tell In Touch exclusively that the mother of two has been living a secret life of wild sex long before her marriage ended. Rap music producer Omar “Iceman” Sharif, who is a friend of Kevin’s, tells In Touch, “was into threesomes and girls.” He says Britney would often invite a bunch of girlfriends over to the couple’s house to party.

An insider who knows the couple well says that over the course of a night, Britney would often disappear into a bedroom with her girlfriends. “Sometimes it was three girls, and sometimes there were more like six,” the insider says. “I heard about her being with girls at least 20 times while they were married.”

A friend says that Kevin Federline plans to use tales of Britney’s secret sexual exploits and drug use in his battle for custody of their sons, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden, 5 months. “She has told Kevin more than once that she is sexually attracted to women and men equally,” says the pal. “He wants to show that she’s not such an angel after all.”

Source: In Touch


Back then it was scandalous and lascivious. Now it’s disconcerting.

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Real Sex in the Cinema?


Rumors are circulating that the steamy sex scene in Factory Girl wasn’t actually two actors perfecting their craft, but it was actually the real thing. According to The New York Daily News, Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen were so hot for each other during the filming that they got worked up and went all the way.  

“It’s not simulated,” an insider tells us. “They’re really doing it.”It was during the film’s
Louisiana shoot that Miller ran into another squall in her stormy romance with Jude Law – and turned for comfort to Christensen, the “Star Wars” heartthrob.
“They spent about a month hanging out,” says one pal of Christensen. “But then she decided she didn’t want a relationship. Hayden was devastated. He really fell for her.”

Added a friend of Miller, “Sienna wanted to try to make another go of it with Jude. But, again, it didn’t work out. At the end of last summer, she and Hayden ended up in
Toronto for more shooting. They hadn’t talked in six months. But it turned out to be a great reunion.”

At the movie’s premiere on Monday, director George Hickenlooper would tell us only: “Sienna and Hayden grew close during the filming. It was an emotional experience for all of us.” As for the sex, he said, “We tried to portray it tastefully.”

And was congress actually in session during the shooting?

“I can’t comment,” Hickenlooper answered. “You’ll have to ask Sienna about it.”

Source: New York Daily News

This is the same Sienna Miller who has been off and on with Jude Law numerous times. We don’t think finding herself below Hayden is below Sienna.

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She sure is pretty, though, even when she’s wearing a dress fit for an inmate.

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