50 Kinda Interesting Things About Simon Cowell


Most of America knows him as the smug, heartless American Idol  judge who destroys dreams and bickers with Ryan Seacrest. But there’s much more to Simon Cowell than self-promotion and too-tight t-shirts — he’s a savvy businessman who knows how to expertly play the game.  In a quest to learn more about the $100 million man, Radar Online searched far and wide to find 50 interesting facts about Simon.  

Here are a couple to pique your interest:

  • Simon was once approached by a man who said he would pay six figures to have Cowell judge him and his wife in bed. He refused—which he says he regrets.
  • His many part-time jobs include car cleaner, baby-sitter, caroler, waiter at Elton John’s London restaurant, and film set gopher.
  • Cowell has forbidden girlfriend Terri Seymour from asking him questions after 11 p.m. and suggested she get her boobs enlarged.

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March 16, 2007. Simon Cowell. 7 comments.