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Michelle Branch Busts Stalker


Michelle Branch — the chick who had a couple of hits a couple years back and who recently reinvented herself as a country artist with her band, The Wreckers — halted a concert to point out that her stalker was in the audience . Security took over from that point, and the stalker was taken into custody.

“Michelle Branch just said, ‘Wait a second. There’s a guy in the audience – striped shirt and glasses – can somebody check him out?’ ” audience member Cali Haas, 20, of Sheboygan, tells the Associated Press. “It left everyone just so confused, like, ‘Is this a joke, part of the show?’ ” Haas added.

But it was not part of the concert. Dominick Giordano, 32, of Maryland, was cited for disorderly conduct after staff members at the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts stopped him as he tried to escape on Monday, according to police.

michelle-branch-12.jpg michelle-branch-3.jpg michelle-branch-10.jpg

That’s kinda rock ‘n’ roll. Well, maybe not.

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Prince William Is Getting Married


British lawmakers say they were told Tuesday that Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, will be married.

Although they are “to be married,” a spokesperson for the Royal Family refused comment on the prince’s possible nuptials, saying, “Prince William has no plans to get engaged.”

Married but not engaged? Maybe the Prince and Princess-to-be are planning to elope.

Here’s the full story from Sky News:

A group of MPs has been told that Kate Middleton and Prince William are certain to marry.

The claim was made by a veteran tabloid photographer, who said it was based on conversations with the prince.

Sun snapper Arthur Edwards was talking to MPs about the self-regulation of the press.

He said he felt sorry for Miss Middleton when he saw footage of the way she was treated by packs of paparazzi photographers.

“When I saw the pack break and they all surrounded her I felt awful about that and it does remind me of what happened to Princess Diana and I hope we don’t make that same mistake again,” he said.

“I think we should pull back a bit and start to look at this girl’s life.

“She’s a private citizen, she needs a bit of space, she’s in love with Prince William – I’m sure of that and I’m sure one day they’ll get married and I’ve talked to William about this.”

He added: “I have talked to him about that and he’s made it clear… he wants to get married.”

Mr Edwards said the royals had been “open season” for The Sun in the 1980s but his job was very different now.

“When celebrities appear in newspapers I just think a lot of it is brought on themselves – they call the papers, get in there and, by and large, they enjoy it,” he said.

“It helps them sell their music and their films.”

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Britney’s Rage Boils Over


Britney Spears attacked X17 Online photographers last night in a bout of rage. And can you really blame her?

Maybe she’s getting the help she needs at rehab.

 She looks kind of bad ass, although the Abercrombie & Fitch shorts don’t quite fit the skinhead look. Gots to get the girl some steel-toed boots.

brit_wild2.jpg brit_wild3.jpg brit_wild4.jpg

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More on Anna Nicole’s Death


  • A press conference with police officials and the medical examiner could not reveal much as to what killed Anna Nicole Smith, although Seminole, Florida, Police Chief Charlie Tiger says that only prescription — and not illegal drugs — were found in the room.
  • Tiger also says “no evidence has been revealed to suggest that a crime has occurred,” and that sworn statements were taken from everyone involved.
  • According to officials, an official cause of death would be determined in 3 to 5 weeks.
  • A judge refused to order an emergency DNA test on Anna Nicole Smith as part of a paternity suit involving her infant daughter, but he ordered that the body be preserved until a hearing in 10 days, attorneys said.
  • Anna Nicole’s temperature had reached 105 F just a few days ago.
  • There were 6 people in the hotel room with Anna Nicole.
  • Larry Birkhead writes about Anna Nicole on his website: “Chance brought us together, our love couldn’t keep us apart. We loved, we laughed, we shared a connection that couldn’t be broken, regardless of the challenges. I loved her in life and I will love her long after.”
  • In another bizarre twist to the case, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, claimed that he might be the father of Smith’s infant daughter.

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35 Balls in 32 Seconds

Keep your eye on it.  

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