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Jessica Simpson’s Adoption Ambition


Page Six reports Jessica Simpson yearns to be a mom sooner rather than later. The blonde bombshell wants to be like Angelina and adopt a baby, although she apparently didn’t say if she wanted one from outside the country.  Jealously of young Hollywood baby mamas isn’t the only reason Jess has baby fever — she says her dogs are putting her into the maternal caregiving mode.

Is current beau John Mayer the man to bring Jessica a child? Well, her body is a wonderland, which is probably reason number one she’s going the adoption route.

Source: Page Six

Some pics of the sexy future Mom of the Year:

js3.jpg js2.jpg js1.jpg

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Leo DiCaprio’s Bodyguards Get Arrested


During Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent trip to Jerusalem with this girlfriend, superhot model Bar Refaeli, two of his bodyguards were arrested and detained by Israeli police after they were involved in a fight near the Western Wall.

TMZ reports:

DiCaprio and Refaeli were taking a private tour of the Western Wall tunnels, Reuters reports, and photographers waited outside the tunnels for the couple, whose visit has stirred up a media frenzy in Israel. “Two of [DiCaprio’s] security guards were arrested by police after being involved in a fight that broke out,” said Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, to Reuters. “They are being questioned.”

When in Israel, I suppose you might as well make an impression and engage in fisticuffs at the holiest site in Jerusalem. Maybe he’s just trying to impress Bar.

ldc1.jpg ldc3.jpg br2.jpg br4.jpg

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It’s the Brady Bunch


Just last month Tom Brady’s former girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, revealed she was three months pregnant with his child. Now rumors are surfacing that Tom Brady’s current girlfriend, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is pregnant with the quarterback’s baby

“A Brazilian website reported yesterday that Tom Brady’s girlfriend Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant and, if so, the Pats QB is the father. According to the popular celebrity website , Bundchen would be no more than two months pregnant, but may already have told select friends and family. The brief item was written by Joyce Pascowitch , who’s the Brazilian equivalent of the New York Post’s Richard Johnson . Brady’s agent Don Yee did not return a phone call yesterday, and Bundchen’s rep at IMG denied the report.”


It’s not uncommon for NFL players to have a gaggle of baby mamas, but it is unusual when that NFL player is a two-time Super Bowl MVP, the babies’ birthdays will be about a month apart, and the two mothers are famous in their own right.

Tom, you should be concentrating on throwing touchdowns, not throwing goldfish.

gisele_french_vogue_mag_scan_03.jpg gisele_french_vogue_mag_scan_02.jpg gisele_french_vogue_mag_scan_04.jpg gisele_french_vogue_mag_scan_03.jpg

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Tom Cruise Follows Katie Holmes Wherever She Goes


Oh, to be in love. It turns out Tom Cruise is so incredibly ga-ga over his young bride Katie Holmes that he’s planning to accompany her to Louisiana for the shooting of her coming film Mad Money. 

Page Six reports:

Holmes is due to start shooting Mad Money in Shreveport, La., in the next month or so. One insider said, “Tom has called producers and told them he will be on set every day. He wants to observe what’s going on and will probably help Katie out.”

Wow, what a great, supportive husband. Sure, some people might call it controlling and freaky, but we think he’s just so in love with Kate that he can’t imagine spending one moment away from her.

Look, the insider had even more to say:

“Katie’s agent chose this role for her because it is a female buddy movie. There is no love interest and she wouldn’t be kissing anyone or have a sex scene.” Our source, who has seen the script, said was “atrocious.” Holmes gave up her role in the upcoming Batman sequel, and some in Hollywood said it was because of the romantic scenes she would have had with Christian Bale. Cruise was said to be upset over her sex scene in last year’s Thank You for Smoking – which was mysteriously missing during several festival screenings.

The title of the movie — Mad Money — couldn’t be more appropriate for the parents of Suri. Katie must have received a hefty sum for marrying the alien-loving little man. And we all know he’s a wackjob and has millions. When this charade finally falls apart, TC is going to be really pissed at the crazy cash he’s going to dole out to little miss Kate.

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Prince William Is Getting Married


British lawmakers say they were told Tuesday that Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, will be married.

Although they are “to be married,” a spokesperson for the Royal Family refused comment on the prince’s possible nuptials, saying, “Prince William has no plans to get engaged.”

Married but not engaged? Maybe the Prince and Princess-to-be are planning to elope.

Here’s the full story from Sky News:

A group of MPs has been told that Kate Middleton and Prince William are certain to marry.

The claim was made by a veteran tabloid photographer, who said it was based on conversations with the prince.

Sun snapper Arthur Edwards was talking to MPs about the self-regulation of the press.

He said he felt sorry for Miss Middleton when he saw footage of the way she was treated by packs of paparazzi photographers.

“When I saw the pack break and they all surrounded her I felt awful about that and it does remind me of what happened to Princess Diana and I hope we don’t make that same mistake again,” he said.

“I think we should pull back a bit and start to look at this girl’s life.

“She’s a private citizen, she needs a bit of space, she’s in love with Prince William – I’m sure of that and I’m sure one day they’ll get married and I’ve talked to William about this.”

He added: “I have talked to him about that and he’s made it clear… he wants to get married.”

Mr Edwards said the royals had been “open season” for The Sun in the 1980s but his job was very different now.

“When celebrities appear in newspapers I just think a lot of it is brought on themselves – they call the papers, get in there and, by and large, they enjoy it,” he said.

“It helps them sell their music and their films.”

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Rosie O’Donnell Attacks American Idol


Rosie O’Donnell sure likes to pick fights. First it was Donald Trump, now it’s American Idol. 

At the beginning of the current AI season, O’Donnell, co-host of ABC’s The View, criticized the American Idol judges  for making negative comments about contestants’ physical appearance, including one contestant with bulging eyes who was told he resembled an animal that lived in the jungle.

This morning on The View, Rosie O’Donnell accused AI of being “weightist and wacist,” while doing her best Donald Duck impression. She, of course, is referring to the fact that Idol sacked former contestant Frenchie Davis for topless photos that appeared on the Internet, but kept current contestant Antonella Barba despite her racy pictures. According to Rosie, this is because Davis is black and overweight and Barba is not.

Check out the video.

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Spiderman Preview – One Night Only


Spider-Man 3 is this summer’s first blockbuster, but you won’t have to wait until its May 4 release to get your Spidey fix. A one-minute clip will premiere during Monday’s Heroes, and as soon as the show ends, a six-minute clip Spider-Man 3 will premiere on But don’t be hasty — the HD preview is live for only 24 hours.

Go here to test your system.

March 5, 2007. Spider-Man. 1 comment.

Anna Nicole Smith Finally Buried


Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, Virgie Arthur and several hundred more of Anna Nicole Smith’sclosest friends and family paid their last respects in a private ceremony at Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Nassau early on Friday. She was buried next to her son Daniel.

Rumors are floating around that Howard K. Stern, everyone’s favorite sycophant, got paid millions of dollars (reports are ranging between $4 and $5 million) by Entertainment Tonight for the rights to cover the funeral proceedings. 

During Stern’s tribute to Anna Nicole at the service, several angry references were made to the star’s “so-called family members,” and he vowed to continue to protect and fight for her in death. 

Maybe now that Anna Nicole’s been laid to rest the scandal will follow right behind. Um, right.

anna-nicole-smith-burial-11.jpg anna-nicole-smith-burial-02.jpg anna-nicole-smith-burial-14.jpg anna-nicole-smith-burial-23.jpg

March 2, 2007. Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern. 4 comments.

Kelly Pickler on the Boob Tube


Kelly Pickler, the dim but loveable loser on last season’s American Idol, performed on Thursday’s show. Her look has evolved over the past year — the North Carolina native transformed from a naive, innocent, and slim cutiepie to a naive, innocent, voluptuous temptress. Could it be the new set of boobs (alleged) she decided to debut on the AI results show? Ryan Seacrest was clearly distracted by Pickler’s plunging neckline. Perhaps she’s just becoming a woman or she’s wearing an impressive push-up bra. In fact, her prom pic (above) makes the case that Kelly isn’t augmented.  I would argue we should be more concerned with the odd choice in hairstyle.


A younger Pickler:

pickler4.jpg pickler1.jpg pickler-2.jpg pickler3.jpg

March 2, 2007. American Idol, Kelly Pickler, Ryan Seacrest. 10 comments.

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